¡Pero qué interesante!

Posted on 12/10/2007


Miren lo que encontré en el famoso Wikipedia acerca del Premio Nobel de la Paz y los “nominados” como nuestro querido –ya saben quién…

“Nominations for the Prize may be made by a broad array of qualified individuals, including former recipients, members of national assemblies and congresses, university professors (in certain disciplines), international judges, and special advisors to the Prize Committee. In some years as many as 199 nominations have been received. The Committee keeps the nominations secret and asks that nominators do the same. Over time many individuals have become known as “Nobel Peace Prize Nominees”, but this designation has no official standing[3]. Nominations from 1901 to 1955, however, have been released in a database.[4] When the past nominations were released it was discovered that Adolf Hitler was nominated in 1939 by Erik Brandt, a member of the Swedish Parliament. Brandt retracted the nomination after a few days.[5] Other infamous nominees included Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. However, since nomination requires only support from one qualified person (e.g., a history professor), these unusual nominations do not represent the opinions of the Nobel committee itself.”

Como para ponerse a pensar, ¿no?